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Nano antibody customized service

Nanobody is a single domain antibody structure and reference camel llama (no light chain and CH1 area), 2 or more antibody molecules of VH region were connected and multispecific binding, simplified structure remains VH. The main advantages of this product are small molecule, high stability, low immunogenicity, easy to be humanized, easy to connect, and can be administered through a variety of ways. In addition, the functional region incorporated with Human Albumin can be added to the molecular design, extending the half-life to 2-3 weeks, and transporting the drug to the target site through albumin. These characteristics make VHH have great application value in basic research, diagnosis and treatment.

Biointron has high throughput single domain antibody production experience, rich VHH and HcAb customization experience can provide customers with HcAb nano antibody development and production of a full range of services. At the same time, it provides a one-stop screening platform for antibody drugs, and has the supporting antibody engineering transformation services, such as nano antibody humanization and affinity maturation.

未标题-2    Advantage:

(1) the molecular weight is small, only 12-15kDa;

(2) high water solubility, heat resistance and stability;

(3) high antigen binding capacity;

(4) low immunogenicity;

(5) strong penetrating power;

(6) it can express efficiently in prokaryotic cells.


+86-400-828-8830 +86-523-86215001

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